Prices reflect per mining machine costs unless otherwise noted.

1 Kw or less monthly use.

For example an Antminer  L3 or comparable.

per month

1.2 Kw or less monthly use.

For example an Antminer  D3 or comparable.

per month

1.4 Kw or less monthly use.

For example a Bitmain S9 or comparable.

per month

GPU Mining rig with 4 cards

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GPU Mining rig with 6 cars

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Reservation fee including set up.

Reservations are held for 30 days from time of payment. Setup includes un-boxing an bringing hardware online. If hardware is not delivered to us within 30 days a new reservation needs to be made.



Your mining rig is insured against flood, earthquake, fire, structural damage or theft.

per month

Removal Fee

If you wish to remove your hardware from our facility, please provide an address. We will inform you about shipping charges. Removal also includes packaging and handling.


Repair Fees

We can carry out minor repairs and component replacements on your mining rigs, such as replacing fans. We will give you a quote for parts and labor on a case by case basis.

$24.99 per 15 minutes of labor