EXPERIENCE: Cyrptocurrency mining requires a lot more than running a data center. We are proud to call ourselves experienced¬† miners. We’ve a combined experience of 20 years of cyrpto mining. We understand that your entrust your machines with us to get the best ROI. We’ve built a state of the art facility for our miners and your miner.

ELECTRICITY: We understand that mining is a lot more than just placing computers on a shelf. Our mining centers are strategically placed in cold climate, low energy cost and high security zones. Our real estate is built out so we can provide extreme cooling and the lowest energy prices.

SUPERVISION: We never underestimate the importance of 24/7 monitoring. We provide 24/7 technical support and monitoring. Your machines will not be restarted in in an hour or so. They will be restarted immediately, because if you don’t succeed we don’t succeed.

GREEN ENERGY: We are crazy about renewable energy. Currently 100% of our facility is run on renewable hydro power. However we’re working on ways to add additional cheap green energy from renewable sources, such as excess solar and wind energy from the US. Stay tuned for some amazing technological innovations to power our cryptomining hosting facilities.